Home worship 29th March: singing our songs and feeling our feelings.

Here are several things I’ve put together in the hopes that there might be something helpful available for people of all ages.

For those who want to, here is another (quite, quite short) liturgy to be done hopefully prior to the singing along to Songs of Praise all together.

Home Liturgy 29 March

For those who want a more interactive and child-friendly option, here is a video, to go with the attached activity sheet for your enjoyment at home. And finally another video of our friends at the Banyule Network singing Put On Love, the lyrics of which are in the activity sheet.

Video- story time

Some interactive activities for worship

Put on Love


May this worship invigorate you, invite you to joy and to thought and to togetherness as we continue to journey with God into the wilds of our strange moment in history.


Home worship – 22nd March: who’s afraid of a little death?


Here friends is a written liturgy, along with two links for worship on the 22nd, or another day.
The liturgy should be easy to follow, and at two points you’ll be directed to look at  the other links, one for a reflection, and another for a well known song that was sung the other day by members of the Banyule Network of Uniting Churches.
Peace be with us all as we worship together.

Ps optional extra- the lovely folk who put sang our song today have recorded a bunch of songs here which you might like to play and sing along with. I think it’s nice that we can be connected not just with our members, but with members of other churches in this way.

Photo by Anudariya Munkhbayar on Unsplash

Our response to Covid-19:

Due to the fast growing nature and seriousness of the Covid-19 virus situation, we have decided to suspend all church meetings, including worship, until further notice.

This decision was not reached lightly, but was necessitated by our desire to keep you all safe, and to do our part to reduce the risk of the virus spreading to others in our community.

Please keep in touch on here and Facebook (search for Ballarat South Uniting Church) for updates, and for online worship resources. We’re going to be sharing a bunch of ways to worship in our separate homes, all together. 

Our prayers and love are with you all, be well and remember the God of the wilderness walks with you.