At home worship- Pentecost

Greetings in the name of the Holy Spirit!

Here are your worship resources this week. Sorry they’re so late, and sorry too that there will be no Zoom worship this week.

Here is the liturgy framework Liturgy for home worship 31st May offering prompts to watch the following:
This video from Sandra, as an introduction to your time of worship
This video for first song (Enemy of Apathy)
Text of the reflection is also here Pentecost reflection, if that is what you find helpful.
Go well friends, I hope to see you all soon, but in the meantime may the Spirit provoke us to dream dreams and see visions.

Pentecost and some requests and some questions

Greetings, home worshippers!
I hope your weekend was delightful, or contemplative and hopefully featured the faces of one or two people you really like.
This weekend is Pentecost (where, is the year going?)! Which, in case you aren’t aware, celebrates the giving of the Holy Spirit to the church in a spectacular, fire-laden chat-fest which prompted locals to think the disciples were on the drink at 9 in the morning.
It’s usually celebrated with some sorts of extra razzle dazzle in churches. I daresay we won’t be back together this Sunday, but I’m still hoping we can muster up some razzle dazzle anyway.
 My first request then, is that you consider if you can offer to prerecord something for worship this Sunday, and let me know.
Bonus points if you can prerecord something and you can do it in a language other than English!
My second request, is that you do something RED (red is the colour we associate liturgically with the Holy Spirit, and folk often wear red to church that day). Consider hanging red balloons outside your house! or making something red and sticking it in your window! or gathering a heap of red leaves and doing something fun with them!
And, to un-pentecost related news, I‘d love you all to help me out with thinking about how we worship together. I’ll attach a list of thinking points and questions and my third request is that if you worship regularly or just every now and then with us, or even if you don’t but you simply have opinions to share, that you think them over and email me back with some responses. You don’t have to use the document here, just email me with your answers to any or all of the questions, so we can start to move forward in meeting together and doing it well.
It may be that some of you, while missing your community, don’t yet feel up to gathering in our buildings. I just want to say that’s totally fine and understandable, and if that’s you, we see you.
Thank you all, I look forward to hearing from you! Document is below.

Unraveled worship- 24th May: When Jeremiah says all the wrong things.

Greetings friends!

Here you’ll find the stuff for home worship on Sunday (or whenever you do it)!
As I mentioned in my email the other day I’ve been thinking about the good it does us to be in the moment, to reflect on what is around us, and who we are right now. The worship resources I’ve put together are designed to offer opportunities to pause, to be still, to notice what is around you, to give you space to reign in the mind that likes to race ahead. Hopefully.
There’s a couple of things suggested that might seem a little outside of normal worship parameters, but hopefully they’ll encourage you and your family to engage with the spirit of small and large things well.
And as I mentioned way back when this all began, I wanted to remind you all that worship is something we make together. The words on the page aren’t the worship; the worship is what happens when we focus on God with intent and honesty.
I urge you to move around, sit in silence, substitute prayers for your own, add in music you find helpful, dance if you like and if you’re comfortable to, try the activities suggested in the liturgy framework. All this is to say you’re not bound to what I’ve put together or to simply working your way through it; you are a liturgist. You can create, participate, focus, dwell with the sacred as well as anyone.
Also- when I ask you questions in the reflection, sit and think about them! Pause the video. Say whatever you’d like.
So! Here is the liturgy framework, Home Liturgy 24th May
here is the reflection, (and here’s the text- Reflection 24th May)
here is a little (very little) one for families and kids, with a suggestion for an activity!
No songs today, but don’t let that stop you, find your own!
Zoom worship will be at 11 am Sundayhere is the link for the meeting, bring your stories of hope and sadness from this strange time, I hope we can all share with one another.
Hope your weekend is lovely and you find many moments of reflection and connection to the God who connects us all.


Unravelled Worship 3- Unravelling the myth we live in

Hello to you all!

Here are the resources for at home worship this week.
First up though, is a prayer written by our Moderator Rev. Denise Liersch, and offered at this increasingly strange time where we are continuing to navigate what it means to be the church in an ever-changing situation.

Prayer in the time of Coronavirus

God of love, God of grace, God of surprises,
We are grateful for the moments of love and community we share.

We know you are with us. We know the promise we have in you.
Yet we live with our hurt in the present and uncertainty in the time ahead, and wonder what the future holds for us and our communities.

We pour out our hearts and souls to you … and pray:

for your world, your peoples and all who inhabit the face of the earth;

for those who are grieving for loss of loved ones, for those who fear for their safety,
for those who feel most isolated and alone;

for those who give of themselves to support others:
health care workers, cleaners, teachers, truck drivers and delivery personnel, pharmacists, grocery sales assistants, phone counsellors,
personal care assistants, those who prepare meals for emergency food relief

… bring your comfort, hope, strength, and healing love.

We pray for our communities of faith,
that we may be beacons of hopefulness, of promise, of peace with each other, and of inclusive love for neighbour.

We pray in the hope we know in Jesus,
in whom we see and know the fullness of the grace and love of God.

Here is the worship stuff:
Here is the liturgy Home Liturgy 17th May,
or here is a video story time (featuring a visit from huggable Jesus) if you’re into that!
Here is the first song, comfort comfort o my people, and
here is The welcome table, both once again offered by the guys over at the Banyule network of churches.
Now, we know restrictions have been eased slightly, but we’re not changing things up too much just yet. The church council is thinking and praying about it, and making sure we don’t do anything hasty that puts anyone at risk. However you might like to, if you are feeling well and up for it, gather with one or two other people for worship tomorrow in someone’s home and go through the resources together!
Perhaps with someone who has not been connected electronically this whole time… I must stress though that you should check that all parties feel well and are happy to do this, and that you maintain social distancing, wash your hands etc. Hopefully we’ll all start to see one another soonish, but let’s remember that the safety of our community is paramount.
Also! I’ll be making the final touches to the brand new church directory and pastoral care list (it has be typed up from scratch) hopefully this week coming- we think we have all the info, but if you have an opinion about your details being available to the church community (ie you don’t want that any more) or you have an opinion about being contacted by a pastoral carer occasionally do let myself, Judith, Lyn or Jean know.
Before I go, here is a really interesting article I read about the spirituality of quarantine. Have a gander.
Ok that’s all from me, I hope this time of flux is being gentle with you, and you are being gentle with one another and yourself.


Unravelled worship 2- Rizpah and the power of grief

Hello! Here we are, another week gone by.

Your worship resources are below, but just a note for those who are looking forward to worshipping together again some time soon: Know that we are paying attention to the news and the updates from government. At this stage it looks like worship will have to wait until June, or July for larger groups, but we will keep monitoring and make sure we are across the changing situation.
Until we hear more from local gov and get some suggested ways forward from presbytery or Synod, I suggest you keep doing what you’re doing, stay home, stay safe, and we’ll talk more about what small changes might be made next week.
Now to worship!
This week there are two options for at home worship with us:
An attached liturgy framework, with recorded songs and a reflection,
Or, participation in a Zoom service at 11 am on Sunday morning.
If you choose this option, I urge you to watch my reflection anyway (it’s slightly longer this week, I had more to say plus the scripture reading is included), as during Zoom worship the time of reflection will be more geared toward families (talking about feelings of grief and sadness, a conversation about empathy).
Here is the liturgy- At Home Liturgy 10th May
Here is my reflection on Rizpah and the power of grief,
Here is a song of lament written and sung by Shaun Whelan of Brunswick Uniting Church, words are in the liturgy. It’s not the best recording but it gives you the idea of the tune. Listen to it a few times to familiarise yourselves.
Here is the song Lord Let Me See, again words are in the liturgy.
If you want to attend the Zoom service, try to pop in a little before 11, and let me know if you’re planning on coming! Be prepared to get involved a little bit. If you could all have the attached liturgy with you that would be great, as it means we can mostly leave the screen free for looking at one another, and song lyrics.
Hoping to see some of you on Sunday, and for everyone else, take care of one another, reach out if you need to.
Grace and peace,


Unravelled worship 1-the lies we tell ourselves

Hello scattered friends,

Here comes some stuff for at home worship this weekend!
As usual there will be attached a liturgy framework, with an optional song or two, a recorded reflection, and a prompt to spend some time with your craft or art project for the Unravelled series we are to be travelling through.
If you haven’t found a way to engage with this, here are some more ideas:
Why not write prayers on bits of paper then make them into something else, like stars? 
Or why not rip up bits of paper, or break up an old plate or something and make a mosaic?
You could prayerfully mend socks even, or make a friendship bracelet.
Use your creativity to make something new from something old, and share photos so we can all feel connected with one another.
As mentioned, there will be a Zoom service on Sunday at 12! it will be quite simple, and will incorporate lunch.
So without further ado, here are the bits and pieces.
Here is the liturgy framework, Home liturgy 3rd May
Here is a song to sing by our pals at the Banyule network (words in the liturgy, though you’ll likely know them)
and here is an optional extra for a dance break some time this weekend.
and here is the invite to the Zoom worship meeting. The liturgy for that is here Liturgy for a Love Feast
Go well friends, may your time/s of worship be holy, intimate and joyful.