At Home Worship 28th June- What do we do with Abraham and Isaac?

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a joyful and healthy week and are staying sane in spite of the continuing weirdness of the world around us.
This week we have a couple of options available to you all for home worship, as well as some bonus extras.
Firstly, I’ve managed to curate a couple of at home worship groups. If you think you would really like to join one, it’s not too late- get in touch and we’ll get you sorted (
Secondly, if you’re happy enough to continue as you have been and worship alone or with your family at home, go right ahead! The attached liturgy framework should work for both of these options!
Thirdly, we’ll do a Zoom worship on Sunday morning (here is the link) at 10am for those who aren’t participating in small group worship with others. 
I hope that all makes sense.
So here we go.
Here is the liturgy framework: Home liturgy 28th June a tiny bit different to how it is normally, and also the text of my reflection, such as it is: reflection 28th June
Here is the reflection (there’s an early word in the liturgy, you get to draw, but there’s no video for it).
Here is the song Brother Sister Let Me Serve You (words in the PDF)
Here is another song by Leonard Cohen about the text (long song and a very long intro. Stay with it, I think it’s a really interesting reflection)
Here is the article I reference in my reflection: it’s long and like, a lot to take in. But it might be of interest to some of you.
And here, is another article that I felt compelled to send to you all. Seems prescient for our current moment, despite the American context for which it was written.

Alright. Worship well my dear friends. Thank you for your support and strength throughout this time. Talk soon.


A prayer and a greeting and a proposition

Good morning friends.

I have another prayer from my fave, Nadia Bolz-Weber, which I’ll chuck at the end for you all to pray in your context.
First off, sorry I’ve not been in touch as much as I wanted in the last couple of weeks. The week before last I was ill, and then last week felt a little like playing catch up.
I’m hoping to help us all connect with at least the possibility of joining together with a couple of others on Sunday (or another day!) for worship, while we can’t all come together as a large group. 
What I think I’ll do is get in touch with some people in certain areas, find some people who are willing to host a small (and safe) home worship at their house, and if you want to attend (or host) one of these, you can get in touch with me on via email or on the phone, and I’ll try to hook you up with some others you can worship with. And then by Sunday I’ll have sent out some resources that are (hopefully) suited to you all having worship together in small groups. Yeah? Yeah.
Again: if you aren’t feeling well, please stay home/don’t have others over to your house.
Also- the sermon yesterday was a little challenging, I’m aware of that. If any of you would like to do some more reading around protest, the Black Lives Matter movement, Indigenous experience in Australia or being a better ally, let me know and we’ll find some stuff to work through, or let’s have a chat! I don’t have many answers but I can hopefully find a direction to point you in; I’m learning all of this myself.
Ok. Here is the prayer:
 God who is called by many names,

How long, O Lord?

How long until we can touch our parents and beloved elders? (and we thank you for each day we have had with them)

How long until we can have things on our calendar to look forward to that don’t involve staring at a computer? (and we thank you for the abundance of celebrations and movies and live music and meals with friends that we have been granted up until a few months ago)

How long until we can gather together again to sing your praise? (and we thank you for calling an assembly in the streets to overturn the tables of injustice and racism)

How long until the dying ceases, the brutality ends, the anxiety abates?

How Long, O Lord?

I’m not asking for a date. I’m asking for the faith that a date will come.


Go well friends,

At home worship 21st June- Do we really want peace?

Hello community!

I hope this week has seen you joyful, contemplative, well rested and peppered with times of connection.
Here are the worship bits with some extra songs for your enjoyment or provocation.
The liturgy framework is here Liturgy for home worship June 21st, and here is the text of the reflection if you want it: June 21st reflection
Here is the first song, Christ Be Our Light, performed by a super fun folk choir who seem to be having a great time.
Here is the early word, with spots for you to pause and draw some pics for me!
Here is the second song, When I Needed a Neighbour.
Here’s a rousing version of I Sing Because I’m Happy, inspired by the reading from Matthew, sung by the Blind Boys of Alabama, and
here is a song I love by a band I love called Mewithoutyou. It won’t be for everyone, but it’s about God being present in everything, using the Arabic/Islamic name of God, Allah.
Worship well, friends. It is a privilege and a joy.


At home worship bits 14th June

Hi all!

This week your worship resources come to you from our very own Sandra Chapman and Tim Clare! Thank you so much you two for blessing us in this way.
Here is the liturgy framework: At Home Worship 14th June.
All people that on earth do dwell:
Matthew 9:35 – 10:8
Here is Sandra’s reflection. Text is included in the liturgy.
Thanks again Tim and Sandra, and I hope you all have a peaceful yet challenging time worshipping tomorrow. Talk to you soon

Trinity Sunday at home worship

Hello all!

I hope you are all in good spirits, or at least surrounded by those who love you.

Before I get to the worship ingredients for this week, a note about home gatherings; I would love it if some of you were able to gather with others in the weeks to come for worship and community. I just need to reiterate that you must do this safely. You might like to just listen to the music attached instead of singing it, as some studies suggest that singing can be a spreader of the virus. Mostly, if you’re not feeling well, stay home, and all of you maintain your distance as much as you can, even while worshipping together.

I’ll be trying to facilitate some home groups for gathered worship in the coming week/s, but you’re always welcome to opt out or plan your own! Be safe, be encouraged.

Here are the worship bits for tomorrow, and apologies, no Zoom worship again this week.

Liturgy is here Liturgy for Home Worship 7th June and includes song words and bible texts (you are encouraged to crack your own bibles open however!)
Here is the first song, Praise with Joy the World’s Creator performed at the Church of the Redeemer Episcopal, in Morristown, USA.
and Here is the Reflection 

(and here is the full text if you need it Trinity Sunday reflection)
Here is the second song, just an audio version, performed and written by Dave Brown.
Also, some images to look at and meditate on:
Andre Rublev’s the Trinity
And an image simply called Trinity, by Kelly Latimore
Go well friends!

Information about Church Council decision regarding ongoing worship

Greetings to you all in the name of Christ!
Your church council met last night to discuss our worshipping arrangements at BSUC.
It was decided that communal worship will be suspended at each of our buildings until at least mid-July, with a further decision being made at our next council meeting on July the 15th. The Op-shop and Mission Centre at Sebastopol will also stay closed for now.
This decision, as with our last, was not made lightly, but with a careful weighing up of the risks to our meeting safely, the logistics of ensuring this could happen, and the need for it. Though the situation for Australia keeps looking pretty positive, the risks of being in an enclosed space, added to the age bracket for many of our community really makes communal worship untenable at them moment.
I know this will be disappointing news for many of you.
We do long to meet again for mutual edification, sharing, and learning, but we also don’t want to underestimate the virus and do not think your health and safety is worth the risk.
We understand that this is hard for all of you who miss worshipping as a community; it is for us too.
We encourage you all to keep reaching out to one another- if you are feeling well and up to it, we encourage you to visit one another safely, to call each other and to always remember that our worship continues, as does our life as the Church. We can get through this, as we have done so far knowing that our buildings do not define us.
I’ll be attempting to sort some very small home group worship, maybe based around geographical areas, for any who are interested and up for it. This is chiefly designed for those who have been most disconnected throughout the lockdown, but give some thought to whether you’d like to meet up with one or two people on a Sunday to worship together. As always, make sure you all feel well, and remain physically distanced.
In addition pastoral carers will hear from me soon about making sure we are as connected and cared for as possible, and in light of that, can I ask that those who are able to pass on this information to the few of us without internet connection? 
I hope you all are having as lovely a week as is possible, we are thinking of you and praying for you all.
May we each endeavour to seek the heart of Christ and to worship in spirit and in truth for the remainder of our time apart, and to work towards a safe, celebratory gathering soon.