At Home Worship August the 2nd- Jacob having a wrestle, the feeding of the five thousand, and even some spiders

Greetings again sisters and brothers!

Before we get into it, this week I have something quite special for you. 
As well as a reflection (written only this week) and early word bit and a song and stuff, I have an optional video for you to watch at your leisure. I had the pleasure of speaking to my old teacher Monica, head of OT and Hebrew Bible at Pilgrim Theological College about the Old Testament and in particular the OT text for this week and what it has to say to us at our particular strange spot in history.
Now it’s a bit long, but she really is great and it’s worth a watch so why not take your time, watch it in shifts, stay with it, take notes for later- it’s great. Also forgive the clumsy editing.
Ok. So liturgy framework is here: At Home Liturgy 2nd August, and the text of the reflection is in there. 
Worship well, and I’ll talk to you all soon. 


Latest Decision Regarding Church Buildings

My friends!

Greetings on this lovely, strange day.

The Ballarat South church council met on Wednesday night over Zoom -which was exciting for some and I’m sure trying for others- to discuss again the status of our church communities and our worshipping life.

At this stage, we have decided once again that our buildings* will remain closed until at least the end of August, when we will reconvene and make another decision. Obviously we can’t know what state-wide restrictions will look like at that point, but we’ll be monitoring them, and hoping for the best.

In the mean-time we’ll be working to make sure that whenever we do return to collected worship that we can do so safely and in a way that includes the most people.

We feel like this is the right decision to have made, particularly as our restrictions will increase somewhat over the next couple of days.

It’s obviously hard to be separate from one another for such a prolonged period but we have to act in a way that keeps us all safe and well.

We’re all aware that this time is fraught and difficult in so many ways, many of which take us completely by surprise. I’ve been thinking lately about how so often our pain, or our individual complications may feel completely unique to us, but are actually experienced, perhaps slightly differently, by others nonetheless. We are connected in our joy and in our difficulty. We are offered chances to see ourselves in one another’s lives, and invited into empathy as a choice we continue to make.

Please keep checking in with one another. As visiting becomes more difficult, use the phone. Pray for one another and know that you in turn are loved and held in prayer.

If you want to continue visiting your friends (those in areas where this is allowed), or hosting worship at your home, please make sure you are doing so safely and as ever, if you feel at all unwell, please stay home.

We love you all, take care of yourselves, and if I may, can I invite you to do something that brings you joy this weekend? It’s important to remember that we are living, not just surviving.

Peace to you in the name of Christ our liberator and friend,


Ps *some good news- the Op Shop will open next week!

They will be open from Weds – Friday, 10am till 1pm, using any and every social distancing and hygiene tool available to us.

Big thanks to the op shop team who have been working really hard behind the scenes to get the shop ready to go.

Reminder: Ordinary Time!!

Hello Party People!

Just a reminder that tomorrow we have Ordinary Time!
Ordinary time is a place to come and catch up with members of your community, and to pass the time by undertaking your daily tasks as you do it, if you wish.
So join us at 11:30 for a chat and maybe a pray if I remember this time.

At Home Worship 26th July- 3 mini parables about the Kingdom

Greetings in the name of the risen Christ,

who offers us the Kingdom and invites us to help create it!

Here are the ingredients for your home worship on Sunday 26th.
Big, big thanks go to Sandra, Bron and Sylvia who put worship together this week! May it enrich and enliven you.
The liturgy framework is here Home Liturgy 26th July , the text of the reflection is included.
Here is the first song, The Great Love of God
Here is the second song, O Let the Son of God Enfold You
Have a great weekend everyone, and worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.

At home worship 19th July- the seeds of the Kingdom

Hi there all,

Sorry it’s running a little late- better late than never I hope.
Here are the ingredients for hopefully a thoughtful and connecting worship experience.
Here is the liturgy framework (Home Liturgy 19th July) and the text of the reflection, (Reflection for 19th July) if you want it.
Here is the first song, Love divine all loves excelling (bit of a slow version, but quite serene)
Here is the early word, Where is God?
Here is the reflection, The Kingdom Of God Is Like a Messy Field?
Here is the final song, Sent Forth By God’s Blessing
Go well my friends. Worship in Spirit and Truth.


Introducing “Ordinary Time”- a way to reconnect

Hello there!

How are you all?
Have you used Zoom yet? It’s a very easy to use, very secure and safe way of having a shared video calls with a bunch of people. I’ve used it stacks and it’s always been great.
All you need is to click on a link and you can join a Zoom meeting.
I mention this because I’m going to be on Zoom every Thursday morning at 11:30 for the next four or so weeks, and you can join me if you like.
I thought we could catch up, check in, and finish with a bit of a pray.
Here is the link:

To make it easier, I also thought we could just make it a time we all do what we might be doing anyway, as in, if you’re baking, prop your iPad up where you bake and chat while you’re kneading. If you have some sewing to do, or a crossword, do it with us in the background. Prop us up near you as you garden!!
So it’ll be a bunch of us chatting while also going about our day, essentially. 
We’ll call it Ordinary Time. I thought we might try this instead of Zoom worship for a bit, just to see how we go. Regular worship stuff (over email etc) and home groups if you have got one or can set one up are still go, this is just a mid-week way of connecting and passing the time together as community.
If you have Zoom questions or worries, please do get in touch, we can work it out. It would be great to see a bunch of you on Thursday with your day-to-day life projects!
Talk soon!

At home worship 12th July- the parable of the sower

Greetings to you all!

Here are some bits and pieces for worship this weekend.
Your liturgy framework is here Home Liturgy 12th July, as is the full text of the reflection (Parable of the sower reflection) in case anyone is helped by that.
Here is the first song, Gather Us In by Marty Haugen,
Here is the (very exciting, very snappy) early word video, the Story of the Sower,
A big thank you to the stars for their award-winning performances.
Here is the short reflection, A parable about a lot of things,
and here is the second song, The Trees of The Field.
Both the early word and the reflection have times of discussion and thought attached- I encourage you to use the videos as jumping off points for your own ponderings and chats!
Go well friends, I’ll be in touch soon to try out an idea on you for some mid-week prayer time over Zoom!
May the love of God, the peace of Christ and the provocation of the Holy Spirit be with you as you worship.

At home worship 5th July- Sex, life and Jesus.

Hello again everyone!

And a merry rainy afternoon to you all!
Here are the worship bits for you. A reminder: you can all use or not use whatever you’d like. Move things around if you want, use songs you’ve got at home if you’d like to, make worship your own.
The liturgy framework is here: Home liturgy 5th July
and the full text of the sermon (which features the word sex a lot, heads up) is here: Reflection for 5th July.
Here is the early word,
Here is the first song, a sweet edition of What A Friend We Have In Jesus, sung by kids, doing fabulous chair dancing that I encourage you all to try to imitate.
Here is the reflection, Let’s Talk About Sex (and other things) Baby, and
Here is Sufjan Stevens singing a lovely version of Holy Holy Holy to finish off.
Worship well my friends, enjoy the small things, glory in the physical, I’ll talk to you all soon.