At Home Worship 1st of November: the Bread of life, a liturgy and a meal.

Hello all!

And an extra hello to all the folk hopefully worshipping with us this weekend from Mount Martha Uniting Church!! Good to (sort of) see you again!

This weekend’s worship will be slightly different to our norm. 
I would love it if you could worship alongside the eating of a meal. This could be dinner Saturday, breakfast or lunch Sunday, whatever you’d like. It could be a huge table full, it could be a couple of bits of toast.
The liturgy (in the attached Pdf) contains all the elements of the meal: you’ll set the table, say prayers over your food, be grateful for it, eat it, and clean up.
Hopefully the liturgy is easy to follow, but you might like to look over it beforehand.
And look, as with everything, it’s optional. You don’t have to participate in every part, that’s fine. But I think it’ll be good.
There will be Zoom worship (also optional) which will use parts of the liturgy I’m sending around, but not all. If you want the full experience of meal/liturgy including the music I’ve found and the full reflection, you might be better off doing it alone or with your family. 
If you want to join us for Zoom worship, it will be at 10 on Sunday morning, and you’re encouraged to bring some food there as well. 
To join in, click this link or dial 3185 3730 and enter the code 898 7497 1893.
Here we go.
The liturgy is here : Home worship 1st Nov
and full text of the reflection (for those for whom it is helpful) is here : Reflection Sunday Nov 1st
Here is a link to the first song, to be played as you set the table.
Here is the early word video, God is Food!
Here is the recorded reflection, on Bread, Loss and Bodies,
Here is the second song, Bread of Heaven
(and here is another version that’s a bit welsh rugby related)
Here is a song to listen to as you do the dishes. It’s called Yahweh.
I hope that’s all clear, if not, get it touch.
Worship well friends, I’ll see some of you on Sunday.

Church Worship Update

Hello everyone!

Our church council met last Weds and discussed once again our shared worshipping life and how we saw that carrying on for the next little while.
Due to there being no change to what is allowed *inside* our buildings* for the moment, things will remain as they are for the next month, with the following slight changes:
First of all, I will be holding prayer hours in the Buninyong church on a Wednesday morning from 10-12. This will be done by appointment, so if you would like to join me for prayer, you must ring or email me and book in to do so. I know it would be lovely to just wing it but the regulations are strict about how many people can be in there with me at once, and, I don’t want to sit in the church for hours for no reason! This is mainly for those who have felt particularly disconnected from the church during this time, but also for you if you just want to come have a pray. If you’d like a lift to do this, let me know!
Secondly I’m having a Sunday off on the 8th of Nov, so I’ll be suggesting you worship with Mt Martha Uniting Church where my mate Paulo is the minister and where I’ve done some supply in the past. I’ll send you the info when the time comes.
For advent this year, we are going to have a crack at worshipping outside (!!), which I know Buninyong used to do back in the day.
At this stage we are only allowed 20 at that sort of service, we’re hoping that will increase by then. If we are still restricted you’ll be informed later on how we’re going to ration out the church services amongst you. 
This will be exciting and hopefully gorgeous weather-wise!
Unfortunately Sebastopol isn’t suited to outdoor worship so at this stage all Sebas worshippers are heartily welcome to join Buninyong, and also to stay tuned because we may figure something else out.
Meredith folk- I’ll be calling over this week and next to talk about outdoor worship on church grounds there, or at the very least about a pub lunch, and you’re all obviously welcome to join us if that works too.
I hope this all makes sense, call me if you have questions! And, if you’d like to initiate anything like a local walking group, or a cafe outing, or something else, get in touch and I can help you plan or at least advertise that! We have a little more freedom now, we may as well connect where we can!
Hoping to see you soon,
*this doesn’t count weddings or funerals, those numbers are different. If you have queries of this nature, get in touch. 

At home worship October 25th: what is love?

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re having a wonderful long weekend. And… something about football, I guess.
I’ll be sending another email on Monday with an update about church worship going forward as restrictions ease, so stay tuned for that! 
The liturgy framework is here : Home worship 25th Oct
and full text of the reflection is here:  Reflection for worship 25th October 2020
No recorded Early Word this week, just a written one to work your way through with some pens and pencils maybe.
Here is the first song, Love the Lord Your God
and Here is the second song, not a traditional hymn but one I hope you love as much as I do. 

Finally, no Zoom worship this week, but I will be praying with you all in Spirit.
Go well friends,

At Home Worship October the 18th

Good afternoon everyone!

Here are the bits and bobs for Sunday’s worship.
First up, there will be Zoom worship on Sunday at 10. 
Here is the linkCan you let me know if you’ll be there? I might have jobs for you.
Firstly, here is the liturgy framework At Home Worship 18th Oct
and the text of the reflection (which you don’t have to read, it’s mainly there for those for whom it’s easier) Reflection 18th October
Notetrying a couple of things this week- there are additional instructions in your liturgy pdf about gathering some items for a small ritual around God’s presence, totally optional, but look out for it in there 
AND- You can choose to pray the prayer of thanksgiving, or watch a video that will be linked below instead. It’s very lovely. 
Here is the first song, Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty, sung by Hillsong.
Here is the optional song for prayer/reflection, Lacrimosa from the film The Tree of Life,
Here is the early word, What is Glory? (you’ll want drawing implements for this)
Here is the reflection, Show Me Your Glory
and here is the second song, Immortal Invisible, God Only Wise.
Thanks everyone, hope to see you on Sunday.


At Home Worship 11th October: So Much Rejoicing!

Hi everyone, here are all the things you need to join us in worship tomorrow. Sorry this is going up late!

First up, the liturgy framework is here:At Home Worship October 11 
And the text of the reflection is here: Reflection October 11th
(though I feel like I improvised a little today, so it might not be accurate!)
(slight wind noise problem part way through but I’ve watched it and have ruled that it’s still ok. Make sure your volume is loud enough and be ready to make some animal noises)
Here is the first song, a fun round: Rejoice in the Lord Always
Here is the reflection, (and part two of the reflection in a second video, sorry) What if we’re not in the mood?
Here is the second song, that old fave Joyful Joyful sung at the Royal Albert Hall
(and here, is another super cool version from the movie Sister Act 2, which I just love).
Finally- no Zoom worship this weekend. 
Worship well friends, I hope your weekends have been full of joy, gentleness and minimal stubbed toes.

At Home Worship 4th Oct- the 10 Commandments

Hello friends!

How quickly the weeks roll around!
Here is the round up of your worship bits for this week.
Firstly, there will be a Zoom worship on Sunday at 10am, link here:
And, here is the first song, Sing Out Earth and Skies
Here is the reflection, including a personal note from Carlynne at the end,
As usual, liturgy framework is here:At Home Worship October 4th
and full text of the reflection is here:  reflection Oct 4th
Thank you all, and thanks again to all who’ve called or emailed this week, you’ve been lovely.
See you Sunday I hope,