A couple of reminders

Greetings all!

I wanted to email to remind you all of the plan we have going forward as regards our worship together.
This coming weekend will be the last we engage in online/home worship. Next weekend, on the 29th of November, we will gather for worship at 9:30 am in Buninyong on the lawns out the front of the church, for the first week of Advent. This is pretty exciting.
We’re going ahead with meeting out of doors because it allows us the presence of more people, it’s a little safer in the open air, and also it will be a lovely thing to worship under the open sky.
We’re asking that those who have chairs can bring them from home (you don’t need to sit if you don’t want, the services should be a touch shorter than the old ones). Some chairs will be available to those who can’t bring them or don’t have any. We also ask that you observe social distancing rules while there, and even though it will be thrilling to be together again, refrain from hugging and touching one another. 
If at all possible could you park up on Scot street, or on the Eastern side of the church, leaving the front car park free for some chairs. 
Try to get there a little before 9:30 if possible so you have time to set up.
Worship at Sebas and Meredith is still on hold; we’re thinking it over just a little more. If you’d like to talk about this give me a call by all means. Meredith folk- I hope to see you all for lunch this weekend if you can make it.
Also; for the next two Wednesdays, I’m still offering prayer times in the church, if you have a need. Just get in touch if you’d like to avail yourself.
Peace be with you all,