At Home Worship 11th October: So Much Rejoicing!

Hi everyone, here are all the things you need to join us in worship tomorrow. Sorry this is going up late!

First up, the liturgy framework is here:At Home Worship October 11 
And the text of the reflection is here: Reflection October 11th
(though I feel like I improvised a little today, so it might not be accurate!)
(slight wind noise problem part way through but I’ve watched it and have ruled that it’s still ok. Make sure your volume is loud enough and be ready to make some animal noises)
Here is the first song, a fun round: Rejoice in the Lord Always
Here is the reflection, (and part two of the reflection in a second video, sorry) What if we’re not in the mood?
Here is the second song, that old fave Joyful Joyful sung at the Royal Albert Hall
(and here, is another super cool version from the movie Sister Act 2, which I just love).
Finally- no Zoom worship this weekend. 
Worship well friends, I hope your weekends have been full of joy, gentleness and minimal stubbed toes.