At Home Worship 1st of November: the Bread of life, a liturgy and a meal.

Hello all!

And an extra hello to all the folk hopefully worshipping with us this weekend from Mount Martha Uniting Church!! Good to (sort of) see you again!

This weekend’s worship will be slightly different to our norm. 
I would love it if you could worship alongside the eating of a meal. This could be dinner Saturday, breakfast or lunch Sunday, whatever you’d like. It could be a huge table full, it could be a couple of bits of toast.
The liturgy (in the attached Pdf) contains all the elements of the meal: you’ll set the table, say prayers over your food, be grateful for it, eat it, and clean up.
Hopefully the liturgy is easy to follow, but you might like to look over it beforehand.
And look, as with everything, it’s optional. You don’t have to participate in every part, that’s fine. But I think it’ll be good.
There will be Zoom worship (also optional) which will use parts of the liturgy I’m sending around, but not all. If you want the full experience of meal/liturgy including the music I’ve found and the full reflection, you might be better off doing it alone or with your family. 
If you want to join us for Zoom worship, it will be at 10 on Sunday morning, and you’re encouraged to bring some food there as well. 
To join in, click this link or dial 3185 3730 and enter the code 898 7497 1893.
Here we go.
The liturgy is here : Home worship 1st Nov
and full text of the reflection (for those for whom it is helpful) is here : Reflection Sunday Nov 1st
Here is a link to the first song, to be played as you set the table.
Here is the early word video, God is Food!
Here is the recorded reflection, on Bread, Loss and Bodies,
Here is the second song, Bread of Heaven
(and here is another version that’s a bit welsh rugby related)
Here is a song to listen to as you do the dishes. It’s called Yahweh.
I hope that’s all clear, if not, get it touch.
Worship well friends, I’ll see some of you on Sunday.