At Home Worship 27th September: Paying attention, being humble.

Greetings all!

I hope your two weeks of worshipping with other communities was life-giving? I’ve heard from some people, but by all means do let me know if you successfully connected with some churches around the place for worship the last two Sundays.
And feel free to keep connecting with them, by the way! So many possibilities floating around. A veritable smorgasbord of worship.
Before I get to *our* worship bits for this week- a quick notice:
The Op-Shop is open again (hurrah! Rejoice!) thanks to the wonderful Lyn and her wildly diligent volunteers. But they need a couple more. If you think you could volunteer at the Op-Shop, even for a couple of hours a week, or if you want to know what that might look like, get in touch with Lyn on 0408 107 747, she would love to hear from you. 
Ok. Your Liturgy framework is here: At home worship Sept 27
and the text of the reflection is here: Reflection Sunday 27th September
The Early word is just written this week, as it’s largely experiential and a video would have had to be paused endlessly.
Here we go.
Here is the first song, Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy
Here is the reflection, Paying Attention, Being Humble
Here is the second song, Lord of the dance, or I danced in the morning.
Go well friends!