At Home Worship October the 18th

Good afternoon everyone!

Here are the bits and bobs for Sunday’s worship.
First up, there will be Zoom worship on Sunday at 10. 
Here is the linkCan you let me know if you’ll be there? I might have jobs for you.
Firstly, here is the liturgy framework At Home Worship 18th Oct
and the text of the reflection (which you don’t have to read, it’s mainly there for those for whom it’s easier) Reflection 18th October
Notetrying a couple of things this week- there are additional instructions in your liturgy pdf about gathering some items for a small ritual around God’s presence, totally optional, but look out for it in there 
AND- You can choose to pray the prayer of thanksgiving, or watch a video that will be linked below instead. It’s very lovely. 
Here is the first song, Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty, sung by Hillsong.
Here is the optional song for prayer/reflection, Lacrimosa from the film The Tree of Life,
Here is the early word, What is Glory? (you’ll want drawing implements for this)
Here is the reflection, Show Me Your Glory
and here is the second song, Immortal Invisible, God Only Wise.
Thanks everyone, hope to see you on Sunday.