Church Worship Update

Hello everyone!

Our church council met last Weds and discussed once again our shared worshipping life and how we saw that carrying on for the next little while.
Due to there being no change to what is allowed *inside* our buildings* for the moment, things will remain as they are for the next month, with the following slight changes:
First of all, I will be holding prayer hours in the Buninyong church on a Wednesday morning from 10-12. This will be done by appointment, so if you would like to join me for prayer, you must ring or email me and book in to do so. I know it would be lovely to just wing it but the regulations are strict about how many people can be in there with me at once, and, I don’t want to sit in the church for hours for no reason! This is mainly for those who have felt particularly disconnected from the church during this time, but also for you if you just want to come have a pray. If you’d like a lift to do this, let me know!
Secondly I’m having a Sunday off on the 8th of Nov, so I’ll be suggesting you worship with Mt Martha Uniting Church where my mate Paulo is the minister and where I’ve done some supply in the past. I’ll send you the info when the time comes.
For advent this year, we are going to have a crack at worshipping outside (!!), which I know Buninyong used to do back in the day.
At this stage we are only allowed 20 at that sort of service, we’re hoping that will increase by then. If we are still restricted you’ll be informed later on how we’re going to ration out the church services amongst you. 
This will be exciting and hopefully gorgeous weather-wise!
Unfortunately Sebastopol isn’t suited to outdoor worship so at this stage all Sebas worshippers are heartily welcome to join Buninyong, and also to stay tuned because we may figure something else out.
Meredith folk- I’ll be calling over this week and next to talk about outdoor worship on church grounds there, or at the very least about a pub lunch, and you’re all obviously welcome to join us if that works too.
I hope this all makes sense, call me if you have questions! And, if you’d like to initiate anything like a local walking group, or a cafe outing, or something else, get in touch and I can help you plan or at least advertise that! We have a little more freedom now, we may as well connect where we can!
Hoping to see you soon,
*this doesn’t count weddings or funerals, those numbers are different. If you have queries of this nature, get in touch.